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Does Solar Make Sense For Your Family?

25 Years Of Linear Production Warranty

All our panels are warrantied to produced as promised with production degradation guaranteed to be 82% efficient by the end of the 25 year warranty. If it falls below the .7% degradation your panels will be replaced or fixed.

25 Years Of Solar Edge Inverter Warranty

We use only Solar Edge Warranty which comes with a 12 year warranty but we go the extra mile and provide their extended warranty to 25 years at no cost to you. This way you have the comfort of never worrying about your system.

25 Years Monitoring Of Solar System

Whether you are on the go or at home you can monitor your system performance for the next 25 years with your phone, laptop or smart watch. Never wonder if your system is working from anywhere you have internet!


  • Solar panels absorb energy from the sun in the form of DC power
  • Power from the sun is DC power and in order to power your house or pass through the grid to the power company it must be AC power.
  • All your energy is bought from you by the local power company and powers your neighbors house

The sun gives us enough energy in one hour from hitting the earth to power all the homes in the US from one hour of sunlight. However the way solar panels absorb the energy it comes in the format of DC energy which HAS to be converted for it to be any use to us.

So we use Solar Edge technology to convert DC to AC at a 98% efficiency rate! Our man made materials can only absorb so much of that power and maintain it’s durability for generations to come. Through your power companies Net Metering program they will buy all that power from you! 


There are two types of solar systems. On grid and off grid systems. However in Colorado going off grid is not allowed if the house is already on the grid. This is to protect the investment of the power company as it’s very expensive to run wiring and add a meter to your house. However you have no control on how much you have to pay for electricity as the price is constantly going up. Unless you decide to use less power which sometimes just isn’t feasible. You can counter the power companies constant rate increase by providing enough power that you need.

What this means is if you get solar and they increase their rates all that mean to YOU is that you get paid more for the power you generate offsetting your power bill.

It's important to understand that electricity is a commodity and is affected by the economy of the United States as well as local legislation and politics.

Currently Colorado’s Speaker of the House introduced legislation for the state’s utilities company to reach a mandate of 50% offset of their current carbon footprint with renewable energy. This means that the utilities must invest in renewable energy for millions of people and businesses. Most of the utility companies in Colorado are non profits with no assistance from the state or city it serves. So in order to pay for the needed solar and wind farms they must collect the money from it’s non solar customers. That’s right by increasing rates it has to get the additional revenue from customers currently PAYING THEM for electricity. If you have solar you aren’t buying power you’re selling power!

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