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Our Mission

To provide clean and sustainable energy for as long as the sun keeps rising

Our Story

My name is Michael I’m the founder of 970solar.com and the reason why I created this company and brand is so I can empower as many people as possible with the short amount of time that we have. There are a dozen plus solar companies able to install in Fort Collins alone. I have investigated them all and I have decided it would be better if I had more control of the price and sales part of the solar experience. By taking on everything except the actual installation which I outsource to other solar companies you will get the best of two worlds. You have an expert that can sell you solar for less as I don’t have much overhead except for this website and the installation. The largest expense is paying commissions to all the hands in the pot. Below is an example of a solar system sold for the last company I worked for vs what I would have charged running the sales process. As you can tell it’s a better experience for the homeowner if they had purchased from me vs the company I was working for.

Breathe Easy

The system sold above will have this impact on the environment

190 Acres Of Forest Saved

160 Tons Of Co2 Offset

394,559 Miles Offset

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