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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, you can cancel anytime by texting or calling us at 970-364-2087 or email michael@970solar.com. If you want to during our operating hours you can click on the chat button and chat with us as well.

How long is the consultation?

We will spend as much time as necessary to answer all of your questions with absolutely no rush. The initial proposal will take about 10 minutes to make and another 5-10 minutes to go through it with you.

Do you have financing available?

We have 4 banks that we use in Colorado. Service Finance, Loanpal, Sunlight Financial and Elevations Credit Union. Anywhere from a 5 year loan to a 25 year loan. Most people qualify for the 25 year 2.99% interest rate.

What about hail damage?

We only sell premium hail resistant panels. Almost all of our installs in Northern Colorado don't get damage from hail. Insurance typically pays for removal and install.

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